Principles of our work

The foundations of our work are...:

Dialogue between different values and lifestyles

Acceptance of the different lifestyles of the users of our services. We do not impose any preconditions and refrain from appeals for change. Goals are defined by our clients themselves with our help.

Encouragement: We support our clients in recognising and developing their personality and in actively and creatively shaping their lives. We give children and young people the opportunity to discover and develop their own personal, emotional and social skills.

Safeguarding and protecting the dignity of each individual person: Communication is based on mutual respect.

Needs-orientation: Our work is based on the needs and the respective life situation of those seeking advice.

Competence of those affected: We assume that our clients are the experts of their own lives.

Resource and solution-orientation: We strengthen self-efficacy and self-control and support them in finding their own solutions.

Factual information and education

Maturity and competence as a guiding principle for dealing sensitively with one's own mental health. We advocate a self-determined, enlightened and reflective lifestyle

One focus of our work is on the needs of young people who have to face considerable challenges in order to deal with stressful situations.

We recognise that people from unequal socio-economic backgrounds, as well as those who are exposed to "welfare neglect", but also young people with disabilities, young people with experience of flight or migration and young people from LGBTQIA* backgrounds sometimes face particular challenges. We want to offer these young people a programme that focuses on their specific needs and supports them in overcoming them.