We are a small, committed group of people who support Chill out e. V. in working towards the development of a risk, intoxication and consumption-competent society.

We want to give others the chance to receive factual information and education, as we accept diverse - even non-conformist - lifestyles and lifestyles, including the need for intoxication and borderline experiences.

That's why it's important for us to be present at parties & to provide information stands, flyers & safer-use kits in addition to nightlife with an alcohol-free lounge. We also take part in various campaigns, e.g. the day of remembrance of the deceased drug brewers & other important nationwide events. We see this as a practical opportunity to campaign for an accepting and humane approach to substances and an appropriate drug policy.

We offer:- discussion of exciting & interesting topics,- substantive and socio-political discussion around accepting drug work- the opportunity to use your skills in a meaningful and creative way- fun (no age limit)

We are looking for:- people who are keen to work together and take on responsibility

If you are one of them, get in touch or simply come along to the volunteer meeting.