Das Stille-Projekt

The discovery of silence

A training course on the topic of calm and serenity in working with children.

We invite you to go on a journey of discovery and to track down silence, to make it tangible and experience it with all your senses.

As part of the training course "The Discovery of Silence", skills and concrete action steps are developed to sense and discover moments of silence in working with children, to create moments of silence together and to integrate them into everyday life. In this way, important resilience factors as well as cognitive and emotional skills are strengthened.

The offer was designed for multipliers who work with children aged four to ten in daycare centers, children's clubs, after-school care and schools. However, it is also suitable for implementation at home, in the family or in the voluntary sector. The program includes several exercise units and is aligned with the WHO's understanding of health.

All training participants receive a manual and a certificate of participation.

The concept for the project was developed in collaboration with Kathrin Warweg and can be obtained as a manual "Die Entdeckung der Stille - Eine Konzeption zur Lebenskompetenzentwicklung für Kinder aus dem Kindergarten- und Grundschulbereich und ihre Mentoren*innen" for a nominal fee of € 10,- from the Fachstelle für Konsumkompetenz.

It comprises 24 pages and contains 13 exercise units.

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